tree cover

The tree canopy is one of Coconut Grove's most precious assets. Increasingly it's threatened by overdevelopment of residential lots and neglect of existing trees. Decisions about housing and zoning are closely related to preservation of our trees. In recent months the most important ongoing project that will affect housing and zoning in Coconut Grove is the process of revising the Neighborhood Conservation District zoning overlay.

April 13, 2018 Update from the City of Miami Planning Department about the April 18 hearing on the Neighborhood Conservation District ordinance before the Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board. Read the update.

Article in The Grapevine about the April 18 hearing. Read the article.

For additional updates on the proposed revision of the Neighborhood Conservation District zoning overlay from the City of Miami Planning Department. The revision will affect lot sizes, portions of lots that can be covered by buildings, trees, setbacks, the overall density of the community, and many other factors that will be part of shaping the Grove's future.