The goals of the committee are to:

  • Communicate regularly to the community about the Village Council’s work and activities in order to make the Village Council increasingly visible and known as a valued community resource and leader.
  • Reach out directly to community leaders and organizations to establish personal communication channels between the community and the Village Council and enhance our ability to respond to community needs. This includes regular attendance at the meetings of prominent community organizations.
  • Create consistent messages about the Village Council’s work and activities so, as much as possible, we are speaking with one voice.


  • Website
  • Social media (Facebook, Nextdoor)
  • Live-streaming of Village Council meetings via our Facebook page
  • Community outreach (direct contact with community organizations and attendance at community meetings)
  • Ambassador program (ambassadors are community members who take the lead on connecting with the Village Council on behalf of neighbors and neighborhood/community organizations)
  • Online events calendar


  • Download the description of our Ambassador Program here. Contact Village Council Chair Marcelo Fernandes here to learn more about the program and become an Ambassador.
  • To recommend public meetings to add to our Events Calendar, click here.